We supply and install different types of floating barriers/booms that suits your purpose of installation and budget.

Our high quality supplied floating buoys and booms are in different shapes and sizes. 

The Barriers Come With Several Options. Such As Jellyfish Net, Navigational Buoys And Solar-Powered Lights

We Use Our Whole International Network Of HDPE and Booms Factories To Assure You Always Get The Best And Most Economical Solution For Your Marina Requirement.


Best to be coupled with AMC – Annual Maintenance and Cleaning Contract to maintain the functionality of the installed solution and maintain against marine growth, barnacles and aquatic organisms.

Barriers Types

Barrier types vary depending on purpose of use, budget and sea conditions.

High Quality HDPE  Modular Barrier Protecting Your Premises  against unauthorized / intruders accessing your private beach such as jet-skiers and jetboats.

Our Barriers buoys Come In Different Sizes And From Different Specialized Suppliers In Manufacturing Booms And Barriers in Europe, USA and China to meet all budgets and preferences.

Main Features

  • Different Sizes And Freeboard
  • Strong HDPE Materials
  • Durable With Long Lifespan
  • UV Resistance
  • Optional Solar Light Mount
  • Optional Anti-Jellyfish Net Mount

This type of booms act as a sea demarcation and anti-debris boom preventing floating debris, trash, plastic bags and oil spill  from reaching your private beach.

As an option, It can be supplied with anti-jellyfish net.

High quality boom produced in Europe and USA.

Main Features

  • 2 in 1 : As a barrier and Anti-Debris Boom
  • High Visibility Range
  • UV Resistance
  • Perfect choice to keep your beach clean against Oil Spill
  • Optional Solar Light mount
  • Optional Anti-Jellyfish Net Mount

Create a safe swimming zone within your beach against jellyfish and other marine life. 

Jellyfish net complying with Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture standards and regulations. 

The Net can be stand-alone mounted on your current floating system (if any) or coupled with different type of floating buoys. 

Main Features

  • Complies with fisheries and aquaculture Department
  • Durable material subject to proper maintenance
  • Jellyfish Free swimming zone
  • Stand-alone system or addition to your current floating buoys
  • No chemical impact on Environment
  • Effective against Shark attacks & other dangerous species

Your best solution to reduce sand erosion at your beach due to natural waves.

Reduces the waves impacts to your beach and swimmers as well as acts as sea barrier.

Can be supplied with Solar Lights and Anti-Jellyfish net.

Main Features

  • 2 in 1 : As a Wave Breaker and barrier
  • Reduce the Beach Erosion
  • Have more settled water movement at your beach
  • Hight acts as a well sea barrier
  • Durable and unsinkable
  • Optional Solar Light & Anti-Jellyfish Net Mount

Create stunning view in middle of a dark night at your beach.

LED floating barrier works on solar system and can be attached to your current floating barrier or as a stand-alone barrier.

Choose your favorite LED light color from large selection of illumination light.

Main Features

  • Large Selection of Light Colors
  • Stand-alone barrier or attached to existing barrier
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • UV Resistance
  • Affordable Low Price
  • Optional Anti-Jellyfish Net mount

Used in Military bases and sensitive coastal areas. 

High defensive barrier against intruders, untheorized watercrafts  and attacks.

Durable with high visibility range.

Main Features

  • High Impact Resistance
  • High Visibility Range
  • Durable with long lifespan
  • Strong Materials
  • UV Resistance
  • Optional Solar Light mount

Access control gate is suitable for premises with gate pass / security entrance and authorized watercrafts access. 

It is supplied with rise arm barrier controlled by remote control or access panel. 

It is couple with floating dock for security personnel access. 

Silt curtains (also known as turbidity curtains) is a type of barrier positioned within the water that contain the fine particles of silt discharged into the water from dredging, construction or reclamation activities.

Depending on the currents, waves and location’s characteristics,  you can select or we can recommend the suitable silt screen type for you  (Type 1, Type 2 or Type 3) 

Service Includes

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