Recreation Products Supply

Recreation Products Supply PDCQATAR Marine is an official authorized dealer/supplier for hospitality. recreation centers, private clients, Government entities and local companies for large verity of recreation products, equipment and gears. Some Of Our Supplied Products: HamacLand floating lounge Sunbath floating pontoon Pools cleaner robotics and machines Sand cleaning machines Swimsuit dryers Underwater lighting Lifeguard gears […]

Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Furniture PDCQATAR Marine is a dealer & supplier for hospitality. recreation centers, private clients for luxury brands outdoor furniture such as Cane-Line, Ego Paris, Gandia Blasco, Kettal, Gloster, Janus et Cie and more. Outdoor Furniture Includes: Chaise Longue Sofa Sets Dinning Tables & Chairs Daybed Cabins Bar Stools Umbrellas Beach Hammocks Outdoor Lanterns Plants […]

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