One of PDCQATAR Marine’s specialty is supplying and installing all types of floating sea barriers, whether they are for security purposes or wave breaking or entry gates. 

The barriers come with several options. Such as jellyfish net, navigational buoys and solar-powered lights.

We have a broad range of floating barriers and navigation / marker buoys that will meet the objective of the installation at the required budget.

HDPE floating barrier designed by marine engineers to break water (reduce the waves effect towards beach) 

The star shape of it and foam filling makes it tough barrier and durable to resist the waves.

If you want both security barrier and reducing waves hitting your beach. THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED!

A heavy duty premium multi-purpose modular barrier protecting your premises  and addition preventing debris and trash drifts to your beach.

Our cylinder shape barriers come in different sizes and from different specialized suppliers in manufacturing booms and barriers world wide.

Barrier prices vary to suit your budget and purpose.

Floating net boom serve many purposes in one single barrier. Debris control, jellyfish and aquatic net and mild safety barrier.

This boom designed to fulfill the demand from large client sector whether individuals, hospitality industry or government entities.

The net are custom made to the required depth and strength.

Looking for luxury looking barrier that led by the solar powered technology.

The solar light barrier and buoys will definitely add an unique touch and safety at the same time.


Turbidity curtains, silt curtains/screens are used in marine construction, dredging to keep construction areas in compliance, control sediment and runoff at construction and protect the environment.


Whether you are looking for a regulatory, marker or navigation buoys. We supply and install them according to your requirements.

Buoys from 600mm to 1500mm are supplied with all required additions such as solar powered light, St Andrews cross “X” etc.

Designed to safe protect military and sensitive areas against watercrafts attack and danger.

Best American water defenses solution.  


The only automatic sea gates in marine industry provides high security channel to harbors and marinas with automatic controlled sliding function.

American designed and manufactured solution.



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