PDCQATAR Marine is an official authorized dealer/supplier for hospitality. recreation centers, private clients, Government entities and local companies for large verity of recreation products, equipment and gears.

An innovative concept and a multi-purpose beach solution.

A private VIP floating lounge for a luxury intimacy, among family and friend

Create new services, new activities and increases the number of VIP guests.

Sunbathing floating pontoon creates a new dimension to your beach space.

A fun and relaxing yet an attraction part for beach goers.

Can be supplied as HDPE cubes, platforms or Aluminum and WPC wood decking.

Whether for residential or commercial pools.

 Relax and enjoy your pool, knowing that you’re using the smartest and highest technology robotic pool cleaner.

Designed to clean the pools floor, walls & waterlines, 

Italian brand specialized in manufacturing a well constructed sand cleaning machines since 1985.

self-propelled or walk-behind. each products is designed to serve the required sand coverage areas need to be cleaned and groomed. 

Swimsuit Dryer is an essential product for any entity offering pool & beach facility.

Serve your valuable clients ultimate modern solution and convenience after they joyful swimming time at your pool and beach.

Add glamorous and elegant look to your entity’s sea that will be a pleasant view to your guests.

Night view will not be anymore the same when gazing into the open sea with glowing light coming from the deep.

Providing public and private pool and beach related entities with all lifeguard needs and marine safety needs.


We supply underwater machines and tools for all types of underwater operations. 

Such as hull cleaning, drilling machine and grinder 

PDCQATAR Marine supply and install jellyfish and seaweed net.

Protect swimmers during their fun time at your beach by having a safe swim safe zone.



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